Version 0.3.2 (2013-07-18)

  • Fixed issue #11 with oursql exceptions on empty results

Version 0.3.1 (2013-07-05)

  • Fixed OR objects workaround, more correct SphinxQL expression
  • Updated connector with simple connection pool
  • New POOL_SIZE config attribute
  • BaseSearchConfig in the sphinxit.core.helpers module
  • Batch processing with subqueries (aka “facets”), updated ask() method.
  • More tests and some optimizations

Version 0.3 (2013-06-07)

  • Completely rewritten library (from scratch, really)
  • New master classes for queries - Search and Snippet
  • New ask() method for query processing
  • Q object was renamed to OR object, more meaningful name
  • Explicit config class with DEBUG, WITH_META, WITH_STATUS and SEARCHD_CONNECTION attributes
  • oursql and MySQLdb are both supported (MySQLdb is the fallback)
  • UPDATE syntax (for disk indexes only) is implemented
  • OPTION clause is implemented
  • Implicit arguments types corrections, if possible
  • :class:RawAttr object if you need more flexible queries
  • Much more tests

Version 0.2.1 (2012-11-06)

  • Python 2.6 compatibility is back
  • unittest2 usage fix for 2.6

Version 0.2 (2012-11-02)

  • Python 3 compatibility (thanks to six layer)
  • oursql as MySQL layer (no more MySQLdb)
  • Fixes in meta characters escaping
  • The code is more polished and tested

Version 0.1.2 (2012-08-06)

  • Connection on demand only (on the process() execution).
  • Threaded connections and locks.

Version 0.1.1 (2012-07-31)

  • Enhanced tests for lexemes.
  • Q objects should not work with !=, IN and BETWEEN conditions (Sphinx restriction). Fixed.
  • Sphinxit.Snippets accepts single string as the data argument. Results single snippet string in such case.

Version 0.1 (2012-07-30)

Released on July 30th 2012

First public release, ready for production.