Meet Sphinxit!


Hello and welcome to the Sphinxit documentation. I recommend you to get started with Installation and then head over to the Usage tutorial.

Sphinxit is light and powerful SphinxQL query constructor, thin integration layer between your Python application and Sphinx search engine. Sphinxit is framework-free library, you can use it anywhere you need powerful Sphinx-based search. Forget about deprecated Sphinx API or unpredictable non-tested batteries. Sphinxit is just better.

Sphinxit documentation doesn`t cover whole Sphinx possibilities and if you are not familiar with Sphinx search engine or you need some kind of Sphinx-specific documentation, visit it`s official website.

User’s Guide

Usually we have no time and desire to read lengthy docs, so this tutorial is compact and has commented code examples for all of the common use cases. If you are interested in some internal Sphinxit mechanisms, feel free to explore tests and sources.


You can help to improve Sphinxit by submitting issues and pull requests on Github project page.


If you have some private proposals or questions, find me in Twitter or Facebook.